Project Management

At the very core, I'm a Project Manager of Creative Projects. 


What does that mean? The Project Manager part is common enough: planning, budgeting, scheduling, procuring resources and supervising execution to successful completion. 


Now make it an artistic endeavor, such as a web page, video or event, and the task becomes interesting and fun. Everyone is creative and wants to make a contribution; the more minds the merrier. However, to align an engineer with an artist, an executive with a line worker, can be a challenge and requires an abundance of soft skills. I really enjoy getting everyone on the same page and moving them towards the same goal.


Digital Production

Offering a unique challange to project manangement, as the technology and message delivery paths are in constant flux, are digital projects. 


Video Production

At the core of every video, big or small, lies project management.


Office 365

Project management can cover many different disciplines. This project meant supervising video production, internet hosting and translation and localization while adhearing to branding, legal and geo-political requirements. Read the Case Study.


Windows Device Experiences Event

Ultimately, a project manager is responsible for a successful project. Frequently that means wearing many hats and jumping into roles when no else is available. This project required event planning, catering, video production, web hosting and Master of Ceremonies. Read the Case study.